Sunday, March 7, 2010

Brasser is 3 Years Old!!!!!

I cannot believe how fast the time goes by! Brasser Turned 3 on Friday and we just had the best weekend! Brasser is sooooo Fun and he keeps us on our toes! We love him so much and are so happy he is part of our family. 3 years old already...WOW!!!
Extremely awesome friends of ours offered to let us borrow their camper/r.v. this weekend. We drove up to Kerrville and stayed in the park there. The boys had so much fun riding their jeep and "shooting bugs" in the woods. The weather was nice and cool, the nights were CHILLY! Thank goodness for the r.v.! Brassers birthday was on Friday and I thought that maybe we should take him to play at McDonalds or something...what was I We were camping! Nothing gets better than camping for boys who LOVE to be outside.

Russ and I went to by NINTENDO DS for Brassers birthday. We had him with us but didnt think it would even register to him that we were buyin his present. He was busy looking at other things while we shopped. Then like a week passed and I said "Hey Brasser what do you want for your birthday?" and he said "A BLUE DS!" I cracked up laughing! Nothing gets by him anymore!

Spiderman Birthday party!

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