Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Re-Finished Table

So I saw these really neat zebra chairs at Hobby Lobby and totally wanted em! But many of you know that we have no space for MORE furniture. So...I did want a sofa table, so I looked on craigslist and found this neat table for a good deal.

Then I brought it home and sanded it, drew up what I wanted all over the table and labeled what needed to be painted which color and then I was off!
So after about 20 hours of work I am at this point! I still have a few touch ups to do and I have to seal it but I really LOVE IT! (I think Brasser likes it too!)

I drew the stripes on free hand. I had taken a picture of the chairs that I loved with my phone, so I looked onto that for a guide. I am excited about it for sure!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Brasser is 3 Years Old!!!!!

I cannot believe how fast the time goes by! Brasser Turned 3 on Friday and we just had the best weekend! Brasser is sooooo Fun and he keeps us on our toes! We love him so much and are so happy he is part of our family. 3 years old already...WOW!!!
Extremely awesome friends of ours offered to let us borrow their camper/r.v. this weekend. We drove up to Kerrville and stayed in the park there. The boys had so much fun riding their jeep and "shooting bugs" in the woods. The weather was nice and cool, the nights were CHILLY! Thank goodness for the r.v.! Brassers birthday was on Friday and I thought that maybe we should take him to play at McDonalds or something...what was I We were camping! Nothing gets better than camping for boys who LOVE to be outside.

Russ and I went to by NINTENDO DS for Brassers birthday. We had him with us but didnt think it would even register to him that we were buyin his present. He was busy looking at other things while we shopped. Then like a week passed and I said "Hey Brasser what do you want for your birthday?" and he said "A BLUE DS!" I cracked up laughing! Nothing gets by him anymore!

Spiderman Birthday party!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Destination Imagination

So Ryker was in Destination Imagination this year. It is nationwide from 1-12 grade. It is a group that teaches problem solving and so much more! These kids had to make a structure from newspaper and tape only and then make up a story about it and act it out. A news cast had to be part of the story and it needed to be 8-10 min long. Ryker played the part of a GRUMPY news reporter. I was a coach and we were not allowed to help on the day of the performance. These kids are 6 years old! They acted out the entire skit, rotated backdrops and made soundeffects all by themselves! They were awesome! I was super proud of Ryker when he memorized one short line for church, He memorized 27 lines!!!! They were incredible!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Moon Party

So we have new friends in the ward now and we love em already! :) Cessily and Austin moved in and it wasn't long before Cessily came up with an awesome idea to go the the New Moon midnight showing...and the party planning started!!!!
Before we new it we had a group of ladies in the ward ready to join in!!!! Many hadn't read the books or even seen the Twilight movie!!!!!! After the New Moon showing...I think they are catching up on that as we speak, lol!

We had so much fun planning decorations and food too!

After attempting to buy New Moon napkins at Party City, which wasn't successful! Cessily drove like 45 minutes to buy some at a grocery store of all places! Yea Cessily they totally looked awesome!!!

Here we are! We had so much fun planning and decorating! The ladies night was fun! Cant wait for the next one!!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Like Brother, Like Brother

So Brasser loves his big brother and wants to be just like him. Ryker loves the Marvel characters, he collects the toys and all that. So along the way Brasser has picked it up too! Check this out! Now that I know he can remember things so well, Ive got to teach him something productive! :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wow...First Grade

I cannot believe the time has flown by long enough for Ryker to be in the First grade! He was so excited to start school again. As you can see Brasser in the back just kinda watching, was sad his brother left for the day. All morning long Ryker was taking his sweet time and we were worried that he might be pushing it. So we kept saying "Hurry we don't want you to be late", Russ said when Ryker walked into to his classroom he said "Sorry I'm late." I can totally picture him saying that with his "serious" face, haha. What a cute kid!
And I know all mothers say this about their kids so I just have to join in... "I knew my kids would be good looking...but wow this boy is HANDSOME!"

Oh and the search for these shoes was just so time consuming but we found em in his size ...finally. He really wanted em and I wanted him to be able to enjoy these character loving years while he's still young enough.

Check this out... his shoes match his shirt! I just love it! Russ can help him with his homework through the years and I can help with the shopping! heehee!